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We provide custom developed chatbot solutions built with leading intelligent assistant and messaging technologies


The Talania Platform


All Talania solutions are based on our development and support platform – a culmination of several person-years of development. It continues to evolve to take advantage of the latest innovations in technology and changes made by Facebook, Microsoft and other leading providers of popular messaging applications. The design of the Talania platform follows three key principles:


Unified extensible interface for interaction with various messengers – this provides business users with a single channel of communication with customers regardless of what messenger they have.


Separation of business logic design from its implementation in a programming language – our methodology and visual tools enable business users and software engineers to collaborate effectively and efficiently, taking advantage of the principles of behaviour-driven development.


Scalable support of deployed intelligent assistant solutions – our visual tools  enable relatively un-skilled personnel to support a solution without having to know the intimate details of the system’s design and implementation.

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Customer Service

Friendly and helpful customer service is key to success for any business or public service. Unfortunately, in many organisations highly skilled and well educated customer service and technical support representatives spend considerable time dealing with trivial questions. Using Intelligent Assistant software, a customer service or technical support team can automate responses to basic questions and subsequently focus their energy on dealing with problems that need human interaction.


We can develop Intelligent Assistant-based solutions to help you reduce operating costs, enhance the quality of your customer service, convert visitors to buyers and increase customer satisfaction to encourage repeat purchases. Such solutions can be fully integrated with your existing business processes and customer service software you may already be using.

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Booking and Ordering Solutions and Other Services

Offering your customers a fast and easy way to place orders and make bookings is often the difference between winning or losing a sale. Chat-based Intelligent Assistant software solutions allow your customers communicate with your booking and order systems in natural language which helps you increase sales without any extra effort.


Depending on your needs, we can develop a standalone Intelligent Assistant-based booking and order system or a module that will be fully compatible and integrated with your current booking and order system.


Our team also develops Intelligent Assistant solutions in other areas of business, for example workflow improvements, communication with customers, and media and news distribution.

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Time-tracking and Timesheet Management

SafeTrack by Talania is an all-in-one time tracking, H&S and in-field communication solution for the construction industry that is easy to use for site and office workers alike. This chatbot substantially reduces the costs of paperwork and improves budget management and forecasting. Using natural language, workers check in using their favorite messenger. As they check in, their timesheets are created and filled in electronically. A supervisor can use SafeTrack to enrol workers, track attendance, approve timesheets and view reports. All timesheets, reports and site registers are created automatically and instantly available online. Learn more about SafeTrack at


We can custom develop a time-tracking, timesheet management and reporting solution tailored to your specific needs, fully compatible with your IT infrastructure and helping you reduce costs and generate new business.

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Putting the ChatBot puzzle together

Download free your copy of the Talania white paper: Putting the ChatBot puzzle together.


This white paper is designed to be a resource for company executives. It presents an overview of key societal and technological factors driving the adoption of chatbots, relevant demographic and statistical data, and a discussion of key issues in chatbot strategy development and implementation.


The white paper also includes Talania’s statements of position on a number of important issues based on analysis of publicly available information, using chatbots from other companies, and the Company’s own experience.

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We use leading edge technologies to create solutions for our customers: software robots, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Understanding and chat-based Human-Computer Interaction via messengers such as Telegram, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Solutions built with these technologies are often called ChatBots.

Our solutions provide businesses and their end users with many benefits. First, they are faster and cheaper to develop and maintain than desktop software, web applications or mobile apps. There is virtually no learning curve for end users, which means training needs are minimal. There are no irritating software updates that end users typically experience with mobile apps. The messenger is typically open on the user's device all the time, which means there is no need to find and open one more application. And these solutions are intuitively easy to use because from the user's perspective she is simply engaged in a conversation in a natural language.

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Putting the ChatBot puzzle together: Talania white paper, July 2016

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Provides access to services directly through your FB messenger

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Helps people experience profound transformation and renewal

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Bots are about to take over Customer service




Anatoly has 14 years of experience managing IT projects overseas and in New Zealand and extensive commercial experience from owning and managing several businesses. His leadership experience includes working in a management position at the NZ Red Cross and as a coach of the NZ National ice hockey team that has a won a silver medal at a World championship.



Andrei has over 20 years of product, project and marketing management experience in three leading international companies and as a founder/CEO of a software start-up. He has served on several boards and committees including the Canterbury Software Cluster and mentored early stage businesses. Andrei holds degrees in engineering and business (MBA) and is PMP certified.



Dmytro is a highly experienced software engineer, architect and project manager with world class skills in many areas of computer science including software bots, artificial intelligence, biometrics and encryption. His background includes working as a Technical Director on the Interpol e-Passport project and earning a commendation from the Interpol Secretary General.



Peter is an experienced senior software engineer with expertise in designing complex data-driven solutions, developing intricate logic layers, web based front end services and mobile applications. He speaks two natural languages and a variety of programming languages (C, C++, PHP, ASP.NET, Perl, Python, JavaScript to begin with).



Seamus has three decades experience in creating complex IT solutions as a software engineer, solutions architect and development team leader. He has worked in over 15 blue-chip enterprises (including Deutsche Bank, Ernst & Young, Barclays Capital, Ford, Nortel) and start-ups. Seamus holds degrees in engineering and business (MBA) and is PMP and TOGAF certified.



Shane has 12 years of experience in the construction industry working on high profile projects in Europe and New Zealand. He has intimate first-hand knowledge of the problems experienced by different types of companies working on construction projects and the shortcomings of currently available solutions for time tracking and health and safety.



Simon has over 10 years of experience in the tech space working with digital marketing teams serving a diverse range of customers in a variety of industries. His background also includes  creating his own successful e-commerce brand. Simon has particular strengths in understanding and translating customers’ needs into high performing solutions.



Geoff Brash

Geoff is an entrepreneur, investor and business mentor with significant experience in developing, marketing and selling advanced solutions for international markets. He is the founder of GBJ Innovation, working with various organisations, entrepreneurs, and start-ups to help them succeed in New Zealand and overseas. Prior to GBJ Geoff was a co-founder of SLI Systems, a public company with customers worldwide, where he held positions of CFO, VP of Marketing, and VP of Business Intelligence. He has served as the Programme Director of the Christchurch 2015 Lightning Lab Programme, Chair of the Canterbury Software Cluster, co-organiser of Startup Weekend Christchurch, a University of Canterbury Entre competition mentor and Trustee for the Ministry of Awesome. Geoff holds an MBA from Massey University


Ben Kepes

Ben Kepes is a technology evangelist, an investor, a commentator and a business adviser. His business interests include a diverse range of industries from manufacturing to property to technology. As a technology commentator he has a broad presence both in the traditional media and extensively online. He is a globally recognized subject matter expert with an extensive following across multiple channels. His commentary has been published on Network World, Forbes, ReadWriteWeb, GigaOm, The Guardian and a wide variety of publications – both print and online. Often included in lists of the most influential technology thinkers globally, Ben is also an active member of the Clouderati, a global group of Cloud thought leaders.


What is a ChatBot?

A ChatBot (short for chat robot) is a computer program designed to simulate an intelligent conversation with one or more human users via auditory or textual methods. Nowadays, however, the term ChatBot mainly refers to software that takes written text input from a user, processes it using natural language understanding algorithms, understands the intent of the user and sends a response based on business rules put in place by the chatbot designer.

How will my business benefit from having a ChatBot?

Businesses are just starting to realize the value of ChatBots. 2016 is the beginning of the new era of online communication, where text-based messaging is becoming all you need to book a flight, make dinner reservations, or check to see if your local coffee shop has any of that espresso that you really like. From a business standpoint, ChatBots provide a personalized, more intelligent customer experiences.

Why Your Business Needs a Chat bot >>>

How are ChatBots different from Apps?

Chat bots are much easier, faster and cheaper to develop and maintain than “traditional” iOS or Android apps. New features can be rolled out faster and easier with chat bots than apps. From a user’s perspective, chat bots offer many advantages over apps too: no need to download anything, no need to enter  usernames and passwords,  no need to learn new layouts and interactions that are inevitably different from app to app.

The tech community sees chat bots as the new app >>> 

Why have ChatBots become so popular?

Messaging apps such as FB Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Kik and other now boast higher user numbers and user engagement than social networks. Messaging apps account for over 90% of all time spent on mobiles and desktops. Since people around the world are spending most of their time in chat apps, businesses use ChatBots to connect users with brands, services, merchandise, and content. Basically, Chatbots have become the new apps.

What can businesses or consumers use ChatBots for?

ChatBots today have many commercial and personal uses. E-commerce bots enable buying of goods and services. Food bots order dinner. Content bots share news, weather updates and other relevant content with you. Watch bots notify you when specific events happen. Banking and trading bots make financial services easier to use. Workflow bots automate business workflows in sales, human resources, operations, admin, finance, etc. Chart bots summarize data in charts suitable for small screens. Internet of Things bots connect us to our smart homes, cars and devices.

Forget Apps, Now The Bots Take Over >>>

What is a typical project for a customer like at Talania?

We begin with a careful discussion of your needs and challenges, the environment you are in and how you do business. This is followed with a project requirements document and, upon your approval of requirements, a project plan. Our solution implementation methodology is based on the best practices of world class product management and agile development, providing you with a smooth and easy to manage delivery of project results and benefits realisation.


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