Bing Integrates Chatbots into Search Results


Bing is expected to start integrating bots into its search results! Microsoft is testing developer tools that allow chatbots directly in Bing’s search results and a move is expected to be announced at the annual Microsoft developer conference to be held May 10–12 in Seattle.

Bing chatbots

Microsoft is planning to allow developers to add bots to the company’s Bing search results. The software giant has been testing this functionality for at least a month.

Rolling chatbots out to Bing would be a huge expansion into one of the company’s largest consumer-facing products. Chatbots in search are an interesting idea as Microsoft continues to innovate and compete with Google, the dominant search engine. Both search engines have shifted to focus on delivering answers directly to search queries and adding something like chatbots could help that goal.

Along with bots on Bing and a potential Microsoft Bot Framework update, Microsoft is widely expected to continue its foray into conversational computing and release its Cortana Skills Kit.

If Bing adds ChatBot buttons to its search results, then Google will have to do the same in near future. As a result, businesses without chatbots will be disadvantaged. Guess what it does to the demand for chatbots in businesses…

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